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My name is Laura Lewis and I love to create. No matter what the future brings, I will find a way to continue using my voice and vision to create.

Who are you?

My name is Laura Lewis and I grew up in sunny Southern California.  I'm a first generation American on my mother's side and the myth and legend of both countries has greatly influenced my work as an artist.  

My greatest ambition as a child was to go to art school and, with the help and support of my parents, I graduated in 2011. I obtained my Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree at the Oregon College of Art & Craft with a focus in textile design and fibers. While studying, I explored printmaking techniques, design, drawing & painting, and many more wonderful creative subjects.

I currently reside in the Southeast side of Portland, Oregon in a small shared apartment.


I have experimented with so many different mediums and cannot bring myself to work with just one.  Lately, as of the summer season of 2017, I have been working in a new shared studio space in North Portland. I have also been experimenting with jewelry design using leather and hand-embroidered miniatures. I would love to marry my illustrations with wearable art/jewelry and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I am obsessively purchasing art materials using the paycheck I collect weekly. Every week I get a budget to take home more materials that I can purchase in lieu of clothes or shoes because who needs to buy new stuff to wear weekly? That just seems boring. Don't be surprised, the next time you see me, if my shoes or shirt have holes - that's normal for me!

I will hopefully have art prints available for purchase in the coming months. Please keep checking in!

If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs.
— Steven Universe

My work is being sold online and at various craft fairs I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Please feel free to keep up-to-date on my instagram page.